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 Click here to view fine New York State mineral specimens....such as this impressive uvite specimen, as seen on the cover of the May/ June issue of Rocks and Minerals Magazine, from the Powers farm in Pierrepont, New York.  Click here to view fine Chinese mineral specimens....such as this impressive realgar specimen from the Shimen Realgar Mine, Hunan Prov., China.  Click here to view fine Canadian mineral specimen....such as this rare weloganite crystal from the Francon Quarry in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Click here to view fine, classic U.S. mineral specimens....such as this impressive Chrysocolla and Quartz specimen from the Ray Mine Pinal County, Arizona.

                                Dravite, Powers farm,                               Realgar, Shimen Realgar Mine,         Weloganite, Francon Quarry, Montreal,               Chrysocolla with Quartz, Ray Mine,

                              Pierrepont, New York                                      Hunan Prov., China                               Quebec, Canada                                           Pinal County, Arizona


Welcome to the Geologic Desires website.  This is a commercial and educational site designed to assist all levels of mineral collectors

in finding quality specimens to purchase and information concerning mineral occurrences.  Our specialties are self collected specimens from

northeastern North America, Canada, and Chinese minerals.  With every visit you should be sure to check out our What's New page for the

most recent updates.  When book marking, this would be the best page to add to your favorites (we don't sent out notifications). We are

updating monthly.  Those New Mineral updates are posted on the first day of each month

and as time is available. 

Newly added...    Tsumeb Gallery...  specimens are being posted often.


Searching This Site This site does not have an internal search engine so how do you find a species of mineral if you are not familiar with the

locations it occurs at?  Itís simpleÖ

Go to Google, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. and type in the following words:

Geologic Desires Calcite

All the pages where the mineral calcite is found in our database will appear as links with basic descriptions, as well.  Itís that simple.


If you wish to use any text or images from this site you must contact us for permission.

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