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You are accessing a website with thousands of quality pieces in all price ranges (all prices are in U.S. dollars).  Most will have thumbnail photos which can be expanded with a "click".  The photos are not "doctored" using software such as PhotoShop.  Also, we do NOT backlight specimens to enhance their clarity.  They are just as the camera captures them (point and click).  As a result, the specimens usually look better than the photo seems to indicate.  We post updates monthly and as time allows.  Any piece you see on the site is almost certainly here, but you should still please, contact us to confirm availability and reserve the piece.  These pages represent but a small fraction of our inventory.  If you have specific requests not found here please contact us at mwalter9@twcny.rr.com       Thank you and enjoy...


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Some Interesting Links on This Site..

Tsumeb Gallery... Perhaps the finest selection of Tsumeb minerals on the internet.

The cover on this issue of Mineralogical Record says it all.  The Francon Quarry in Montreal, Quebec, Canada is finally notice for its fine minerals: weloganite, dresserite, franconite sabinaite, doylite, hydrodresserite, strontianite, strontiodresserite, celestine, quartz, pyrite, goethite and many others too. Rare minerals from the Francon Quarry...recently acquired from the Dr. Steve Chamberlain Collection.

Impressive blue aquamarine crystals from somewhere other that Pakistan. These are aesthetic, gemmy, high luster mineral specimens both on and off matrix from the Erongo Mountains of Namibia. Aquamarines form Erongo Mountain, Namibia...showy and gemmy aquas from Africa.             

Impressive groups of cubic pyrite crystals in matrix from the Navajun Mine, LaRioja, Spain.  Lots of variety in a wide range of prices for these fine mineral specimens. Pyrite from Navajun, LaRioja, Spain....fine large matrix specimen of higher quality than I have seen in quite awhile.

Exceptional amethyst clusters and matrix specimens from the Los Vigas Mine, Vera Cruz, Mexico.  These are museum grade quartz specimens from a classic occurence. Lots of variety in skeletal, smokey, sceptered and reverse sceptered forms. Amethyst from Los Viras Mine, Vera Cruz, Mexico....fantastic, HUGE, clusters both on and off matrix. 

Cerussite from the classic location, Mibladen Mine in Morocco.  Fine floater crystals which show extensive etching or unusual growths such as skeletal and reticulated forms. Cerussite from Mibladen Mine, Morocco....killer floater crystals in skeletal, etched and reticulated forms. 


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