The Mineralogical Record Magazine Back Issues For Sale


We have hundreds of back issues of the popular magazine, The Mineralogical Record.     

The Mineralogical Record magazine is issued six times a year and has been in print since 1970. This is the most authoritative and widely respected mineral collector's journal in the world; no serious advanced collector would be without it.  This periodical covers important mineral localities old and new, elaborates on the fascinating history of mining and mineralogy, and describes new mineral species. They see reviews of public and private collections, market reports from contemporary mineral shows, columns on special topics, and oversized special issues devoted to entire mineral-rich states and countries. And all of these articles and features are illustrated by abundant top-quality color photography of fine mineral specimens.  Copies of the magazine are never discarded like old newspapers, but are carefully saved and collected as reference works of permanent value.  The photography alone makes this journal worth viewing religiously.

This is an expensive periodical ranging from $15 (USD, newsstand price) to more for special issues.  Back issues are available on their web site at this link and the cover can be seen there, too.  Our issues (marked with an "X" for each available copy) are in excellent to new condition and priced accordingly.  We do not sell poor quality issues.  New issues still in original wrappers are marked with a red X

All copies sold here are $10 each, unless marked otherwise.


Mineralogical Record Magazine Back Issues ($10 each unless noted)

Year Volume

no. 1, Jan./Feb.

no. 2, Mar./April

no. 3, May/June

no. 4, July/ Aug.

no.5, Sept./Oct.

no. 6, Nov./Dec.

2011   X X       X
2010     X XX XX XX X
2009   XX XX X X XX  
2008     X X XX X X
2007   X   X X X X
2006   X XX XX XX XX XX
2005   XX X XX XX XX XX
2004   X XX XX XX XX XX
2002   XX XX XX XX   XX
2001   XX XX XX XX XX XX
2000   X XX XX XX XX XX
1999   XX XX XX XX XX XX
1998   XX($12 each) X X X($100) XX X($12 each)
1997   XXX($40 each) XXX XX XXX($15 each) XX XXX
1996   XXX($25 each) XXX XXX XXX XXXX XXX
1995   XXXX($12 each) XXX($20 each) XXX XX($50 each) XXX($12 each) XXX($12 each)
1994   XXX XXX XXX XXX($25 each) XXX X($20)
1993   XXX($15 each) XXX($40 each) XXX($12 each) XXX XXX($12 each) XXX
1992   XXX($12 each) XXX($15 each) XXXX XXX XXX XXXX
1990   XXX XXX XX X($12 each) XXXX XXX
1989   XXXX XXX($25 ea.) X($30) XXX X($12) XXX($20 each) XX($22) XXX X($15) XXXX
1988   XXX XXX($20 each) XXX XXX XXX XXXX X($12)
1987   XX($15 each) XX XXX X($12) XXXX XXX X($12) XXX($15 each)
1986   XXX($30 each) XXX X($12) XXX X($12) XXXX X($12) XXX XXX X($12)
1985   XXX X($12) XXXX XXX X XXX XXXX XXX($15 each)
1984   XX XX($12 each) XXX($15 each) XX($12 each) XX XXX
1983   X XX($25 each) XX XX XX($20 each) XX
1982   XX($15 each) XX($15 each) XX($15 each) XXX XX($20 each) XXX($55 each)
1981   XX($15 each) XX($12 each) XX XX XXX($25 ea.) X($35) XXX
1980   XX XXX XX($40 each) XX($30 each) XXXX($25 each) XX
1979   X XX XXX XX($12 each) XX XX($12 ea.) X($16)
1978   X($20) X X XX X X
1977   X($25) X($30) X($45)   X XX($15)
1976   X($30) X($40) X($30) X($40) X($30) X($40)    




The first six years, all new issues with only the 1973, no. 4 issue missing will be sold as a set... retail is $1,495.  I will sell for $999

These are the tough ones to get!


X($20) X($25) X($25) X($50) X($40)
1974   X($60) X($20) X($20) X($25) X($40) X($25)
1973   X($40) X($25) X($25)   X($50) X($25)
1972   X($50) X($35) X($20) X($20) X($20) X($15) X($20)
1971   X($100) X($100) X($100) X($100) X($100) X($80)
1970   X($120) X($25) X($35) X($30) X($30) Only four issues this year  



    TSUMEB! issue, 1977    $50

    Mineralogical Index vols. 1-14, 1979-1983, New in wrapper    $30,   also one in only fair condition  $10

    Minerals of the Carnegie Museum  $20

    Wilensky Fine Minerals, May-June, 2009    $10

    Miguel Romero Collection of Meican Minerals, Nov.- Dec., 2008    $10

    The Lindsay Greenbank Collection, Northern England, Jan.-Feb., 2010     $20

    Private Mineral Collections in Texas, Jan.-Feb. 2009    $20

    50 Year History of Tucson Show, 2004     $20

    Crystalline Treasures: The Mineral Heritage of China, 2013     $10


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