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  We have the finest selection of grossulars, vesuvianites and zircons from this now closed locale referred to as the York River skarn zone, near Bancroft, Ontario, Canada.  Great selenite spheres such as this specimen are made of traditional and swallow tail twin crystals.  They come from the Red River floodway in Manatoba, Canada.   

             Fluorapatite                                                          Grossular                                                                           Gypsum                                       Vesuvianite                                         Rhodochrosite


Canada offers a diversity of mineral specimens for the collector.  From apatites of exceptional size to zircons in various colors Canada has minerals both common and rare.  Most of the specimens we offer have been collected by us over the years.  On this site you can find one of our articles which describes the unique scarn deposit at York River, Ontario.  This site is now a provincial park and closed to collecting.  We also have field trip articles on locations such as Thunder Bay, Ontario Wilberforce and Tory Hill Ontario.



This is a typical green apatite crystal specimen which was recovered at the Bear Lake diggings off Madill Road near Tory Hill, Ontario, Canada.  Other minerals which can be found here include feldspar, hornblende, titanite and calcite.   Minerals from Bear Lake, Ontario                  Unusual calcite forms as well as quartz, pyrite and dolomite mineral specimens can be found at the Grant Quarry near Greeley, Ontario, Canada.   Minerals from Greely, Ontario                       Minerals from York River, Ontario      


 Here is a nice cluster of fluor-richterites from Wilberforce, Ontario, Canada.    Fluoro-richterite from Wilberforce, Ontario        Hornblende crystals like this are found in conjunction with apatites, feldspars, titanites and other minerals at Tory Hill, Ontario, Canada.    Tory Hill Minerals, Ontario         Calcites, pyrites, epidotes, magnetites and dark garnets like these are found at the Marmora Ontario Mine.   Garnet and Other Minerals from Marmora


Flourites in many forms and colors can be found near Madoc, Ontario, Canada.    Fluorite from Madoc, Ontario               Fantastic amethyst is the mineral specimen of choice at the mines surrounding Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.    Amethyst from Thunder Bay, Ontario                Mont St- Hilaire, Quebec


   Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos, Quebec               Windsor Rt. 55 Roadcut, Quebec              These gemmy albite crystals are found with siderite at the Chesterville, Quebec location.  These specimens are all from the National Museum of Canada.    Chesterville, Quebec


Sharbot Lake, Ontario has produces these white barites and calcites from an old barite prospect.  These mineral specimens are all from the National Museum of Canada.    Sharbot Lake, Ontario                   Titanite as well as scapolite, quartz, diopside, calcite, stilbite, zircon and scapolite can be found near Lac Mathidle, Quebec.    Lac Mathilde, Quebec              Lydhurst, Ontario 


  Parker Mine, Quebec                 Montrose Rock Dump                    Dundas, Ontario


Great selenite spheres such as this specimen are made of traditional and swallow tail twin crystals.  They come from the Red River floodway in Manatoba, Canada.  Red River Floodway, Manitoba               Sherbrooke Pyrite Cubes        The cover on this issue of Mineralogical Record says it all.  The Francon Quarry in Montreal, Quebec, Canada is finally notice for its fine minerals: weloganite, dresserite, franconite sabinaite, doylite, hydrodresserite, strontianite, strontiodresserite, celestine, quartz, pyrite, goethite and many others too.     Francon Quarry, Quebec  


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