Dr. Steve Chamberlain Collection of Mineral Specimens

Here is a n uncommon piece from the Mont St-Hilaire Mine in Quebec, Canada.  This is a siderite twin crystal.    

We have been purchasing specimens from the Steve Chamberlain collection for several years now.  Steve is an organized collector who has amassed a large variety of material from the early 1960ís to the present.  His collecting is now focused on New York State specimens exclusively.  All the specimens that we have purchased from him come with full documentation.  Further, his specimens seldom show any form of damage and are usually very good examples of their species. 

There will be no organization to how these are posted.  They will be keyed in as I pull them out of the boxes, but, they will represent only the better specimens we have purchased.  Descriptions will be brief and image will appear with a 1 cm square in the photo for size scale.

We do not normally feature collections that we purchase.  This collection however has tens of thousands of specimens so is certainly exceptional.  Only a fraction of this wonderful collection will make it to the website so donít be afraid to ask about availability of pieces which you specialize in. 


Some English Specimens                        New Material                             Mount. St. Hilaire Siderites


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