Chinese Mineral Specimens For Sale, Species A-L


Chinese mineral specimens such as this fluorite from the Yaogangxian Mine, Bai Shi Du, Chen Xhou, Yizhang County, Hunan Prov., China can be purchased here from Geologic Desires.    Chinese mineral specimens such as this toumaline China can be purchased here at Geologic Desires.  Chinese mineral specimens such as this fine rhodochrosite, quartz and fluorite from the Yaogangxian Mine, Bai Shi Du, Chen Xhou, Yizhang County, Hunan Prov., China can be purchased here from Geologic Desires.  This is an example of one of the finest topaz clusters yet seen from China.  We were proud to have found a home for it in a top collection.

                 Fluorite on Feldspar                                                    Aquamarine                                                       Tourmaline                               Fluorite on Rhodochrosite                                    Topaz


Chinese specimens are one of our specialties here at Geologic Desires.  I have been involved with buying and selling these exceptional specimens from when the first cinnabars made their appearance on the market back in the 1990's.  Very few dealers have this depth of experience with Chinese minerals and their marketers.  There are tens of dealers whom we work with that carry strictly a Chinese specimen inventory.  The selection of quality specimens and diversity of minerals and mineral combinations is never a problem with this many suppliers.  You can read my comments on collecting Chinese minerals in the following narrative...Why Collect Chinese Minerals?

In our current market Chinese minerals may present the best value for the mineral collector's dollar.  Because of the overwhelming number of specimens available, and collector's lack of familiarity with locations, we will organize this section by species.  The second half of this alphabetical listing can be found at  MORE CHINESE MINERALS, M-Z



Welcome to Geologic Desires, specializing in top quality Chinese minerals."Top Shelf Killers"


Great silver and acantite specimens are now available from Huang Tong Xiang Mine, Town of Lu Jiang, Anhui Prov., ChinaAcanthite                         In the early 1980s these fine amethyst specimens first came out of China.  They were short lived and difficult to find now. Amethyst                                  Fluorapophyllite


We have a great selection of fine aquamarine specimens from Xue Bao Ding Mine, Ping Wu, Sichuan Prov., ChinaAquamarine                     Arsenopyrite                     Aragonite


 Fluorapatite                             Axinite                                                         Azurite                                 


  Babingtonite                   Barite                           Bournonite


Interesting calcite crystals from Daye Mines, Huangshi, Hubei Prov., ChinaCalcite                                      Cinnabar                               Cassiterite


Epidote                              Ferberite                                        Fluorite                   


Garnet                                   Goshenite                                   Hematite         


  Hemimorphite              Hubeite                                       Inestite                                



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