Diamond Acres Herkimer Diamonds


On May 4th, 1994 my Father and me began our first efforts at finding Herkimer diamonds at the Diamond Acres location near Stone Arabia, New York.  This location is often referred to as Fonda.  My first journal entry about this site reads as follows:


Journal Entry.....May 4, 1994

Michael Walter wrote:

"We went to the Hastings Mine just off of Route # 10 in the town of Stone Arabia, NY.  We began digging in the wall of a small pit (an abandoned claim).  Two vugs were found in the course of the days work.  I took a nice 4 inch crystal from vug #1.  Dad took all other crystals from vugs 1 and 2 for reassembly."

Over the course of the summer we returned to the site approximately a dozen times.  This spot became our claim for the next 8 years and proved to be quite productive over that time span.  It was here in this small pit that we began to develop our Herkimer diamond digging skills.  To this day we are still learning new tricks each season.  Here are a few of the specimens recovered from our first claim at Diamond Acres.


One of the larger Herkimer Diamond mineral specimens we found at the old claim.    Several Pounds of Herkimer Diamond


The pair seen here are Herkimer Diamond floaters with no point of attachment.    A very nice pair    Clusters such as this one are relatively common at the Diamond Acres mineral collecting site.    A good cluster of five Herks



To be successful at collecting these crystals requires a great deal of skill and patients.  Anyone who has collected Herks recognizes that they don't just fall out of the rock.  there are plenty of locations in central New York to find Herks, but, wherever you go it is serious work to find good specimens consistently.  


Journal Entry.....April 28, 2001

Michael Walter wrote:

"We established a new claim on the furthest back section of the property just behind the St. Lawrence County claim.  I marked out a large site and began to remove soil prior to Dad's arrival for the day.  We worked very hard from 9AM until 2:30 PM.  We cleared a 10 by 12 foot square of area and to our surprise we were also able to begin getting down into the rock.  I began the dig in a slightly lower area than the surrounding and luckily it contained an area of weathered rock below.  I had done some probing with a point but the results seemed inconclusive.  The seam of rotted dolostone was wide enough for us to begin moving blocks. We removed lots of rock and even began constructing our first site boundary wall.  Also, removed about 20 wheelbarrow loads of soil.  The only diamonds we found were three small ones that were grouped together under the first block we removed.  We really didn't expect to find any crystals this high in the strata anyway.  I would predict we need to go down almost ten feet in order to reach the gooney pocket layer.  The site is already becoming a muddy one.  We are only down 2 feet and it is already filled in by water.  Good start.  Exhausted so we called it a day."



Site before any digging, Spring 2001 at Diamond Acres.    Dad during the second day of digging at Diamond acres in 2002.    Dad working his way down a weathered water seam.

These photos show the first look at our new claim site and a couple days worth of dirt removal.



This cluster of Herkimer Diamonds was unexpected.  We did not count on finding pockets until we were about 10 feet down.        The first cluster we have found at the new claim


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