Field Collecting Mineral Specimens, Canada


by Michael Walter

An exceptional titanite twin in calcite matrix from near Wilberforce, Ontario, Canada.Tory Hill, Near Wilberforce, Ontario, Canada

A short write up about finding titanite twin crystals in a road cut.  This lucky find occurred in 1997.  Some images of these very unusual specimens.  




Chili hides behind this huge dome of amethyst from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Journal entries and pics from several days of collecting Amethyst at the Blue Points Mine.




A nice mineral specimen found within 10 feet of a road in the town of Wilberforce, Ontario, Canada.Fluorrichterite, Wilberforce, Ontario, Canada

There are unique specimens to be collected from this road cut site.  Specimens are comprised of fluororichterite (a hornblende family mineral) and, or, phlogopite in FLUORESCENT massive calcite.