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We collect primarily in St. Lawrence County, New York.  It would rank as one of the most important mineral and mineral specimen producing counties in the country and hosts many historic localities.  We have been lucky to have rediscovered classic lost localities, new, previously unknown localities, have had great success at well known fee localities.  Anyone who tells you there are no more good places to collect in New York certainly does not know what they are talking about.  Many of the localities we target have produced specimens for close to two centuries and continue to produce fine specimens. 



 St. Lawrence County Fee Localities, 2013  



  Powers Farm, Pierrepont, New York

This provides an overview of work done and some images of top specimens from this classic Dana locality.  The 2004 and 2005 seasons proved to be quite interesting.  Be sure to read the Article on this location and view the Specimens for Sale.



  Treasure Mountain, Little Falls, New York

Two seasons of collecting at this commercial site has lead to many nice discoveries.  This page overviews the summer 2002 collecting season which comprised approximately 45 days of collecting Herkimer diamonds in central New York.  Twenty images of collecting activities, pockets and specimens.  This location is currently closed.



A quality Beaman Road Barite in the Mike Walter collection. Barite from Beaman Road, West of Gouverneur, New York

You will find a journal entry from a great day of collecting at a historic New York State site.



Diamond Acres, Fonda, New York....Our Claim from the Past and Its Future

The history behind a decade of work at our first Herkimer diamond claim.  In 2001 our first claim was played out so we had to start a new claim from scratch. 



Typical Oxbow calcites on quartz and graphite. Oxbow Road Cut

Documentation of a classic north country site and the minerals that occurred there.


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