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When lightning strikes the earth’s surface and melts the materials it contacts, the remains are collectively known as fulgurites.  Their classification has generally been limited to forms that include self-descriptive titles such as ground or soil fulgurites, sand fulgurites, rock fulgurites, and clay fulgurites (Galliot 1980; Petty 1936).  All of these classes of fulgurites form at or below the surface of the ground. 

High intensity lightning strikes sometimes produce a superficial pool of molten material and explosively disperse it on the surface of the ground.  These exogenic fulgurites are little known because they are either rare or unrecognized.  In 2004, Mohling published the first documentation of exogenic fulgurites produced from a lightning strike.  This new class of fulgurites was described as liquefied materials resulting from a powerful lightning strike that were thrown into the atmosphere above the lightning’s point of impact and solidified in the air.  This unusual occurrence is located in the Elko Hills of northeastern Nevada just south of the town of Elko.  In August, 2008, a lightning strike in the city of Oswego, New York, produced significant numbers of exogenic fulgurites.  It is fulgurites from this 2008 strike that are offered for sale on these pages.  Further rreading can be found at:  Article




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