Jewelry Grade Herkimer Diamond Mineral Specimens For Sale



                                                                                                              Quartz (Herkimer Diamonds)


Jewelry grade Herkimer diamonds are classified by a standard grading system which will be described below.  As minerals specimens their cost is determined by their weight.  As a result the lots for sale here will not have long text descriptions.  Lucky for us, Herkimer diamonds are quite light compared to other minerals. They are often used, as the name implies, in jewelry.  The are also excellent for gem trees and displays.  They have a sparkle which is difficult to catch in photographs.

On the front of each package that we sell you will find the grade of the diamonds and the number of grams in the parcel.  There will also be an approximate or exact number of pieces noted and finally the approximate size of the crystals.  Each bag is considered a "lot".  The lot number will also be on the front of the package.  To help with sizing, each bag is exactly 9 cm tall and 5 cm wide.  The cost is for the entire lot and no lots will be subdivided.  We pride ourselves on only selling top quality, properly graded Herkimer diamonds.  At this time we are selling AA through B grade diamonds.

Here are sample photos and descriptions of what the typical grades look like.  The images tend to look darker than they actually are.  AA, A+ and A grade diamonds are clear while B grade diamonds are cloudy and highly included.


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AA        Jewelry grade Herkimer diamonds from New York which would be graded AA.

Double A grade Herks are the cleanest grade available.  These Herks show no flaws, contacts, stains or other problems to the naked eye.  They are glass clear. 



A+        Jewelry grade Herkimer diamonds from New York which would be graded A+.

A+  Herks are slightly better than the A grade, but not of sufficient quality to be graded AA.  They will only have the most minor of flaws, contacts or inclusions. 



A          Jewelry grade Herkimer diamonds from New York which would be graded A.

A grade Herks will have limited visible inclusions, minor contact spots, and or, minor fractures which take up less than 10% of the crystal.  They will have both terminations in tact and good overall form. 



B          Jewelry grade Herkimer diamonds from New York which would be graded B.

B grade diamonds are the "left overs".  They are more highly included, incomplete or just down right poor.  Don't expect any great specimens at this level.  There are often chips and other mineral fragments in these low grade lots. 





Jewelry Grade Herkimer Diamonds for Sale...



A Lots

There are 10 lots of these A grade diamonds with nine weighting 50 grams each and the tenth weighting only 40 grams.

Lot A10...50$

Lot A11...50$

Lot A12...50$

Lot A13...50$

Lot A14...50$

Lot A15...50$

Lot A16...50$




B Lots

There are two B grade lots each weighting 50 grams.

Lot A18...25$

Lot A21...25$