Unless otherwise stated all the jewelry described in this section is used.  All pieces will be photographed and sizes will be estimates.  In most cases the identification of the stones, gems and metals will be accurate.  If you find we have made a mistake in this regard we will completely refund your money as well as shipping charges.  These pieces will be priced to move fast so act quickly and reserve any pieces you have interest in.




JWL-003   Synthetic ruby mounted in sterling silver.  1.5 x 1.1 cm cab.  Approx. men's size 8 or 9.  Great condition.  25$






JWL-004   Silver and cobalt cab on a bola (location is Cobalt, Ontario, Canada).  4 x 3.1 cm cab.   10$







JWL-005   Mans ring approx. size 9 or 10.  Rectangular cab of Lapis Lazuli mounted in sterling silver.  Nice quality hand made piece with no artisans markings.  Moderate wear.   20$






JWL-006   Tiger Eye mans ring (approx size 10).  Production ring, rectangular cab mounted in sterling silver.  Minimal wear. 10$

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