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Volume 4 Number 4  Winter 1995    The History of the Mineralogical Record

Volume 5 Number 3 Fall 197           The Curious Lore of George Kunz

Volume 6 Number 3  Fall 1998         The Mineral History of St. Lawrence County, New York

Volume 7 Number 2  Summer 1999   The Legacy of Bryce Wright

Volume 7 Number 1  Spring 1999      Bryce McMurdo Wright

Volume 7 Number 3  Fall 1999          The History of the Sterlingbush Calcite Pocket

Volume 7 Number 4  Winter 199-2000    The Life and Times of Lou Moyd

Volume 8 Number 1  Spring 2000      The Mineralized Red Wood of Grand County, Utah

Volume 8 Number 4  Winter 2000-2001    John T. Reeder, 19th Century Connoisseur

Volume 9 Number 1  Spring 2001      The Life and Time of Henry Heuland

Volume 9 Number 3  Fall 2001          Mineral History of Leadville, Colorado

Volume10 Number 3 Fall 2002          The Mineral History of South Dakota: Part II

Volume10 Number 2  Summer 2002      RESERVED     The Mineral History of South Dakota: Part I

Volume 9 Number 4  Winter 2001-2002       RESERVED     The Life and Times of Museum Builder A.E. Seaman

Volume10 Number 4  Winter 2002-2003    The History of American Turquoise

Volume 11 Number 1  Spring 2003         RESERVED      The History of the Ropes Mine

Volume 11 Number 2  Summer 2003     Charles M. Wheatley and the Ecton-Perkiomen Mine







We are very pleased to offer MATRIX, Volume 1 through Volume 12, Number 1... as a complete set.

This is the complete run of Matrix Magazine, from its inception through the final issue in 2004.  Slightly used, excellent condition.  $250 for all plus shipping.


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