The Michael R. Walter Collection

Minerals of St. Lawrence County, New York State


Through the years my personal collection has changed themes several times.  First I collected quartz…."yes, a bit broad to say the least"!  In the early 1990’s I began collecting Chinese minerals and continued my focus on this emerging mineralogical wonderland for 15 years.  Initially the minerals from China were tough to get and more exotic than they are today.  Again, the theme was a bit overwhelming, especially on a budget. 

Finally, after nearly 40 years of collecting and studying minerals I have settled on making my primary collecting focus the minerals of northern New York State, mainly St. Lawrence County minerals.  Why collect St. Lawrence County minerals?!  Because I field collect extensively in this region of north eastern North America I also put a premium on the specimens I have mined myself.  Lastly, I highly prize specimens which have been figured in publications related to the science of mineralogy.  Not specimens of scientific interest only or micros, rather good aesthetic specimens that display well and are composed of clearly visible crystals which are exceptional for the locally.  Just like most of my customers I have a preference for specimens which have little to no damage. 

So, what do I purchase for myself?  I like to know that I am getting an exceptional piece for a fair price, again, like my customers.  If you are looking to sell me specimens I am interested in any New York specimens of well formed crystals for my specimen inventory.  For my collection, however, I look for only the very best or very nice examples which round out locality suites.  New York State specimens are in demand and if they are important pieces should command high prices.  However, I’ve seen too many dealers looking to sell very nice Herks, Walworth fluorites, cubic magnetites, etc. that are not the best of their species (in any respect) for many thousands of dollars.  Only the top specimens from the localities I collect should command that type of money.

To follow are pieces from my personal collection which are good examples of specimens which I consider to be exceptional for St. Lawrence County, New York. 






Some nice specimens from Powers Farm, Pierrepont, St. Lawrence County, New York.







Fluor-uvites from the Bush Farm, Gouverneur, St. Lawrence County, New York.





A fine Hyatt Mine sphalerite, Talcville, St. Lawrence County, New York.






Some Zinc Corp. Mine pieces, Pierrepont and Balmat, St. Lawrence County, New York.






A few classic specimens from the Rose Road Occurrence, Pitcairn, St. Lawrence County, New York.





Twinned phlogopite crystals from Selleck Road, Pierrepont, St. Lawrence County, New York.





Some yellow calcites from the Yellow Lake Road cut, St. Lawrence County, New York.





                                        Calcite, Rossie...                                                                     Fluor-uvite, Bigelow...



                      Fluor-uvite on Danburite, Macomb...                                                Dolomite pseudo. after Calcite, Macomb...



                         Groutite, Talcville...                                            Dolomite on Dolomite pseudo. after Calcite, Macomb...



       Barite, Rock Island Road, Gouverneur...                      Diopside, Edwards...           Dolomite pseudo. after Nest Twin of Calcite, Macomb...



Calcite, Rossie...                                                                                        Tremolite, Selleck Road Occurrence



     A DeKalb Diopside and 10.4 ct. Gemstone