Combination Specimens from Pakistan For Sale





OKO-747     Aquamarine and Tourmaline in Feldspar.    Gilgit, Pakistan.  Ex. Harold L. Dibble collection.  A slightly etched 2.5 cm, single crystal of transparent aquamarine is oon the edge and just behind it, mostly buried is a highly striated tourmaline, in part showing its edge.  No damage, schorl on back and minor pink herderite? on edge.  Interesting piece.  Somewhat dirty looking but it is fully cleaned.  No damage.  $90






Twin plane on adularia

OKI- 246    Fluorite, Adularia (Twinned) and Muscovite     Chumar Bakhoor, Nagar, Northern Areas, Pakistan.  Ex. Fred Parker collection.  This lovely display is a well balanced grouping with a large, translucent/ transparent adularia twin measuring 3 cm on edge forming the base.  Radiating in out in numerous directions are silver muscovites to 2 cm with a string of pink to light purple fluorite octahedral running up one side of the piece.  There is only one fluorite near the base of the group which has a tiny corner ding that is visible with magnification only.  Really close to being a floater (only a thin matrix contact that I could not notice without magnification).  Very clean piece!  Exceptional quality, displays from all sides.  A wonderful find.  425$







Back view.

More apatites in back view. Note DT quartz.

Apatites from front.

OKF-228    Aquamarine/ Apatite/ Albite/ Quartz/ Muscovite/ and Unknown      Baha, Shigar Valley Baltistan, N.A., Pakistan.    I have recently reacquired this fine piece from a collector liquidating his specimens.  Just shy of one half a foot of aquamarine coated with a diversity of accessory minerals.  This 15 cm single terminated main aqua is truly unique with nice pink apatites, snow white albite (classic "albite jacket") climbing its backside and lots more.  The clear/ cloudy double terminated quartz is 3 cm, muscovite book a cm and the pink apatites are up to almost 2 cm each.  Some tiny black (unknown) crystals are in the mix, as well.  Several double terminated aquas in parallel growth near the termination of the main crystal.  There are two invisible repairs otherwise damage free.  This is a very special piece for both its form and the uncommon association.  I don't care for custom acrylic bases but this is one specimen that would benefit greatly from having one.  An impressive specimen to see in person.  A true centerpiece for any gem collection and not at a "stupid" price...   2,500$ 








OKD-330    Schorl on Quartz, Albite and Muscovite   Nyet, Braldu Valley, Baltistan, Northern Areas, Pakistan.    10 x 9 x 9 cm grouping of large quartz crystals, albites and muscovite books which are capped by a deep black, high luster schorl.  The tourmaline measures 3 cm long and is 1.5 cm thick.  A nice display with the specimen being dome shaped and allowing for good viewing from all sides.   250$







OKD-332    Topaz on Quartz   Nyet, Braldu Valley, Baltistan, Northern Areas, Pakistan.  A nice, light sherry colored topaz on a well formed, low luster quartz.  This piece could be displayed a couple of different ways with good views from at least two directions, yet not all sides.  Minor white albite.  6 x 5.5 x 4 cm overall.  No damage to main views.  Peripheral contacts with matrix.  350$