Tory Hill Mineral Specimens, Ontario For Sale


This is one of the best hornblendes I have ever recovered from Tory Hill, Ontario, Canada.       


Though most of this area is privately owned there are some spots remaining where one can collect amazing mineral specimens.  A variety of minerals, similar to those found at Bear Lake, can be found at Tory Hill.  Seek permission from land owners regarding any collecting in this area!




Scapolite 2

Small scapolite is a real beauty from Tory Hill, Ontario.  1.5 cm, brownish red, translucent, double terminated crystal. Killer!  225$








OKB-573    Fluo- magnesio- kataphorate   Tory Hill, Ontario, Canada.  Known to the locals simply as hornblende, this is a exception example of the species.  This was the best find I recovered from a 12 foot long pocket back in the 1990s which as, until now, resided in my personal collection.  This fully terminated specimen has an aesthetic display and is wonderfully elongated.  It has was recovered from the pocket in two pieces and has been repaired.  The break is in the center of the main crystal and is noticeable when looked for.  I have yet to see a hornblende crystal anywhere this impressive for sale.  An important Canadian piece.  Currently mounted on a custom class stand with hot glue.      2,800$








OKB-574    Fluo- magnesio- kataphorate   Tory Hill, Ontario, Canada.  Ex. Dr. Steve Chamberlain Collection.  Purchased from Ward's Science of Rochester, NY.  Known to the locals simply as hornblende, this is a exception example of the species.  25 pounds of high luster, double and single terminated hornblendes to 22 cm each on feldspar.  Approx. 30 cm specimen.  Very good to rather crude terminations on these huge crystals.  Here is the type of specimen which deserves its own case.  Impressive piece.   1,700$






OKA-382 Titanite Twin Tory Hill, Ontario, Canada. Yes, a titanite twin. I collected approx. 50 pieces from an isolated pocket at a previously unknown location. Išve only once before seen a twin in this mineral. They almost look like a clam shell. I have others for sale but this is the bargain of the lot. Piece is 7 cm long with minor calcite matrix. Crystal is 5 x 5 x 3, dark brown and slightly etched. Super specimen. Call about other pieces. 15 to 98$ 55$


OKA-513 Titanite (Twin) Tory Hill, Ontario, Canada. Very unusual 5 x 4 cm, dark brown, opaque twin crystal of this variety of sphene. Nice terminations around entire piece and good luster. 42$

OKA-514 Titanite Tory Hill, Ontario, Canada. 3.5 x 3 cm spray of three major crystals. Each crystal is up to 2.5 cm. Dark brown as with all titanite from this region. 18$