Traditional Aquamarines From Pakistan For Sale


This is an example of an exceptional find of fine aquamarine crystals which came out of Pakistan in 2005.

                   Aquamarine on Muscovite                                 Aquamarine                       Aquamarine





OKN-409    Aquamarine with Tourmaline inclusion    3,700 feet above Haiderabad, Shigar Valley, Baltistan, Northern Areas, Pakistan.  This 2.4 x 1.8 x 1.5 cm crystal is a floater with only one tiny scrape on back.  Very clear, light-to-medium blue aqua color.  $100







OKN-474     Aquamarine     Baha, Braldu Valley, Baltistan, Pakistan.  Gem, light blue floater with no damage or attachments.  Nice tabular, hexagonal form.  2.5 x 2.2 x 1 cm.  Etched as seen with good luster and a giveaway price… $30








OKM-859      Aquamarine    Pakistan.  Ex. Harold L. Dibble collection.  3.1 x 2 x 1.7 cm piece with a single crystal of typical colored aquamarine.  Accessories are muscovite and feldspar.  Damage free.  $30







OKL-975    Aquamarine    Shigar Valley, Baltistan, Pakistan.  Light blue, single terminated, gemmy crystal measuring 2.5 x 1.1 x 1 cm.  Mounted in a perky box. Damage free.  Get out of here price…$45








OKL-526     Aquamarine and Quartz    Balachi, Northern Areas, Pakistan.  A fine, gemmy 2 cm long crystal with milky quartz.  2.4 x 2 x 1.2 cm.  No damage, and very nice quality in all regards for a TN sized specimen of this material.  Nicely priced at    $45







OKI-638     Beryl (var. Aquamarine)    Skardu, Kashmir, Pakistan.  Ex Dr. Steve Chamberlain collection.   3.4 cm by .7 cm thick crystal with lots of region that is gem.  Complex and fully formed termination.  Very minor mica at base.  No damage and attractive.  60$







OKI-464     Beryl    Hunza Mines, Stak Nala, Gilgit, Kashmir, Pakistan.  Ex. Dr. Steve Chamberlain Collection.  This beryl crystal is an extremely light blue, come would say clear, color and of tabular form.  2.6 x 2.1 x 1.3 overall with the largest crystal measuring 2.3 cm.  Nice form to this damage free floater.  Minor mica attachments.  85$







OKE-348     Aquamarine on Muscovite and Feldspar       Nagar, Northern Areas, Pakistan.  A 3.7 x 2 cm, tabular double terminated crystal on matrix with a smaller DT crystal to its side.  The primary crystal is internally yellowed on its lower half so this is not a to shelf piece for its aesthetics.  A couple small chips to back of specimen.  45$







OKE-416    Aquamarine    Baha, Shigar Valley, Baltistan, Northern Areas, Pakistan.  Interesting crystals which has a hollowed out appearance.  Crude basil termination with minor albite.  Satin like luster on surfaces which are highly striated.  4 x 3.5 x 3 cm.  No damage.  120$






OKE-417    Aquamarine    Baha, Shigar Valley, Baltistan, Northern Areas, Pakistan.  3.7 gram gem crystal with minor fracturing near base.  Complex termination on this 4.3 cm crystal.  Zero damage.  Nice display piece.  200$








Custom engraved acrylic base.

OKD-350   Aquamarine   Shah Nassir Peak, Nyet, Braldu Valley, Baltistan, Northern Areas, Pakistan.   Big 9.6 cm tall by 3 cm wide, etched aqua.  This one has a mass of 60 grams and is gemmy in areas while in other areas it has typical inclusions.  Some of the central area is actually hollowed out from the backside.  Large regrown contact near base of crystal which is on backside so it does not distract from the high aesthetics of this fine specimen.  Faces on the front are smooth and of high luster.  Backside faces are similar but with more noticeable etching.  The termination is well formed and complex.  No damage.  A fine bargain at   650$






OKD-530      Aquamarine    Nyet, Braldu Valley, Baltistan, N.A. Pakistan.    3.2 cm long gem aquamarine with a single termination.  The termination is unusual, unbalanced and complex.  There is a very slight amount of etching to the prism faces on this aesthetic specimen.  Very clean, damage free piece.  3.7 grams.   125$






Custom engraved acrylic base.

OKD-533      Aquamarine    Hiro Bruk, Nyet Bruk, Braldu Valley, Baltistan, N.A. Pakistan.    There are obviously plenty of beautiful aquas from Pakistan… here is one with some uniqueness.  The crystal is 10 cm long and almost a cm wide.  Not so thick however.  At only a half cm thick it weighs in at only 9.1 grams.  This tabular specimen has a perfect termination and a regrown basil termination.  A small 1.5 cm rider and a tiny inclusion of mica grace its base.  There is one rider contact also at the very base of the specimen.  This fine aqua is all gem.  A truly wonderful piece.   725$





OKD-415    Aquamarine   Dassu, Braldu Valley, Baltistan, Northern Areas, Pakistan.  Three crystals compose this small cluster.  The two bigger crystals are in parallel growth while the third and smallest near the base of the piece juts out at an acute angle of about 30 degrees.  Larger crystals have moderat modification to their terminations while the smallest is highly complex.  5 x 3.3 x 1.5 cm.  Light blue color and very gemmy.  Displays best upright as shown.  195$






Hollow crystal (note small triangle on crystal to left.

OKD-403   Aquamarine   Chumar Bakhoor, Nagar, Northern Areas, Pakistan.   A very fine display specimen with several interesting characteristics: one crystal has a thin, hollow, triangular shaped opening most of its length, there is a distinct division between the included and gemmy zones and deep green tourmaline on one side as an accessory.  Fine form with only a tiny chip on backside.  21.6 grams and measuring 5.2 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm.  A fine value at …..325$






OKD-404   Aquamarine   Dassu, Braldu Valley, Balistan, Northern Areas, Pakistan.   This piece is high on aesthetics and has all the right things going for it.  The aquas are in parallel growth form, quite gemmy, damage free and show complex terminations.  The matrix includes muscovite, feldspar, tourmaline and a regrown aqua.  The piece sits nicely on the matrix at an angle.  6.5 x 2.8 x 2.6 cm overall.  35.6 grams.  Another good value at…370$







OKD-352   Aquamarine   Dassu, above Shigar, Baltistan, Northern Areas, Pakistan.  A pair of parallel growth aquas of fine color and form.  Very aesthetic from front and one side only.  Back view shows a chip and other side shows strong matrix contact.   Very gemmy with minor inclusions.  The muscovite is partially encased by the aquas. 74 grams and 5 x 3 x 3.5 cm. A sweet looking specimen!  400$







OKD-333    Aquamarine and Muscovite   ChumarBakhoor, Nagar, Northern Areas, Pakistan.    A very nice, substantial aqua which measures 10 x 5.5 x 3.5 cm.  This piece has a wonderful rich blue color with typical inclusions.  At one point in its growth it had a slight directional change giving the specimen a slight curve from base to termination.  Nice muscovite blades which are mostly isolated to the back of the specimen.  One tiny ding to one edge of the steps in the side of crystal…you have hard to look to find it.   900$





OKD-269, Front


Top showing tourmaline inclusions

Closeup of stepped base

Back view

Custom engraved acrylic base.

OKD-269    Aquamarine on Muscovite with Tourmaline and Albite   Chumar Bakhoor, Nagar, Northern Areas, Pakistan.  WOW!  This piece has also passed the 10x magnification test and showed up with no damage or contacts.  It is a fully terminated floater with lots of branching muscovite, minor white albite and acicular black tourmalines scattered among the muscovite (very noticeable on back view) and in the cap of the primary crystal as shallow inclusions.  The tourmalines which include the big crystal run parallel to and just below the surface of its upper termination.   The base of this specimen must have once been on matrix but has totally developed into a fully terminated grouping.  This base is highly complex in it multiple stepped effect.  A great contrast to the simple termination developed on the top of the primary crystal and others within the grouping.  Nice clarity near top of piece and it becomes more included toward the base of the crystals.  The primary crystal in this piece is 7 cm in length with the overall dimensions of the piece being 7.5 x 7 x 7 cm.  A fantastic specimen for any collection.    1,600$






OKD-270    Aquamarine on Muscovite   Chumar Bakhoor, Nagar, Northern Areas, Pakistan.  Here is a fine large aqua which is trimmed by muscovites along the perimeter of its base.  There are several aquas here in a tightly bunched parallel growth.  The terminations are staggered in height.  Color is an even light blue and fully included by light veils.  It takes on the appearance of blue ice.  No damage but there is a shard on one side which has rehealed in place slightly ajar from the primary crystal.  The base is crudely regrown.  By this I mean it had only begun to heal and does not present well formed parallel faces.   The piece measures 8 x 7 x 6.5 cm.  All faces and terminations are glassy smooth.  Big and attractive.   1,650$






Custom engraved acrylic base.

OKD-271    Aquamarine on Muscovite   Chumar Bakhoor, Nagar, Northern Areas, Pakistan.  Wonderful double terminated crystal aqua on a well trimmed base of muscovite blades.  The double terminated aqua measures 6 cm long by 5 cm wide.  The specimen could probably be displayed several different ways with good results.  Even light blue color with lots of veils internally.  There is a minor etched pink fluorite on the opposite side as the aqua in the mica.  It is small measuring only .7 cm.  The top termination has a couple very tiny abrasions  which are barely noticeable on a crystal of this magnitude.  Backside of plate has been trimmed and carved perfectly so it displays well.  This is a fine specimen worthy of a good home.  A major specimen without a major aqua price.  2,000$






OKD-272, Front


Other side

OKD-272    Aquamarine on Muscovite   Chumar Bakhoor, Nagar, Northern Areas, Pakistan.  Here is another fine specimen, professionally trimmed and highly aesthetic.  The big 6.2 high, 6 cm wide) primary aquamarine dominated this specimen.  It has a pleasing color and central placement with its surrounding matrix.  A couple of other aquas, nice small white albites and fine mica well placed all add to the aesthetic value of this fine specimen.  Two tiny dings are visible with magnification (both less than a millimeter) and not noticeable without magnification.  Overall dimensions are 11.5 cm wide, 9 cm height and 6 cm deep.  A real killer which I would be proud to place in any quality collection.   2,000$





Aquamarine    Biensapi, Braldu Valley, Baltistan, Pakistan.  These aquamarine crystals come from what is being touted as the best pocket to be found in all of Pakistan during the 2005 collecting season.   There will be an article written about this pocket in the future.  For now don’t miss your chance to own a piece of this historic find while they are available. 

All these crystals are similar in form.  They are off matrix singles with regrowth of their basil surfaces.  Some regrowth is minimal while others exhibit complete regrowth which makes them close to classic double terminations.  All of these pieces have exceptionally high luster and fine aesthetics.  The top of each crystal (approx. 40% in most cases) is gem with only minor veils or inclusions.  The lower sections are more heavily included, typical of most Pakistani aquas.  The division between these two zones is very abrupt and appears as a flat plane parallel to the crystal’s termination.    This unique characteristic makes all the aquas to come from this amazing pocket recognizable as being from this limited find. 





            OKD-273  This killer is the best of the 10 specimen parcel which I was luck enough to be able to purchase.  Minor termination modifications.  The base of this 6.2 cm long, 2 cm wide crystal is fully regrown.  If you like the best, here it is!  1,600$






            OKD-274  Although it is the smallest of the specimens at 3.9 cm long and 1.4 cm wide it is among the cutest.  The termination is staggered in height forming two distinct plateaus.  Minor basil regrowth.  350$







Custom engraved acrylic base.

OKD-275  Exceptional 5.2 cm tall by 1.6  wide crystal with minor basil regrowth.  This one has lots more gem material with about 3 cm being clear and 2 cm included.  Minor albite and black tourmaline near base.  Very minor modification to termination.  Probably a good deal more valuable that the price I have on it.  Mass = 24.9 grams.  700$







Custon engraved acrylic base.

            OKD-276  Fine large 6.2 cm tall by 2 cm wide crystal.  Stepped growth along one edge on back of crystal and minor terminal modifications.  Exceptional, damage free, 51. 8 gram specimen.  1,400$






Custom engrave acrylic base.

OKD-277  5.2 cm tall, 1.7 cm wide crystal.  Modified termination and minor albite near regrown base.  Mass = 31.7 grams.  Fine damage free example.  900$






Custom engraved acrylic base.

OKD-278  Another fine piece.  Minor regrowth of base, partially stepped termination on this nice specimen.  6 cm long and 2 cm wide. Tiny, shallow 2 millimeter ding which is hardly noticeable and doest not diminish the aesthetics of this wonderful piece.  Mass = 40 grams.  1,400$




OKD-279, Front


Custom engraved acrylic base.

OKD-279  This fine aqua measures 5.2 cm in length and is 1.2 cm wide.  The termination is slightly modified and it weighs in at 30.5 grams.  There are two small in-situ chips on the backside of the termination.  Still a fine piece.  800$





OKD-280, Front


Custom engraved acrylic base.

OKD-280  5.8 cm long by 2.2 cm wide aqua with a slightly modified termination.  Stepped termination with an in-situ chip in back of termination and two dings.  Minor albite along base of the crystal.  Nice and heavy at 49 grams.  950$