Amethyst Mineral Specimens from Thunder Bay, Ontario For Sale


This is a typical hematite included amethyst cluster from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.  This piece came from the Blue Points Mine.     

                                                                                                                                                         Quartz (variety Amethyst)


Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada is a region with various mines which are open to the public.  Most are mining amethyst commercially and allow mineral enthusiasts to pay a fee to enter and collect themselves.  The specimens from this area are very recognizable.  They look reddish brown in color due to hematite inclusions.  This is usually internal and has no effect on the crystal's luster.  Good pieces from Thunder Bay are recognized the world over with collectors due to their uniqueness in color.




OKN-400    Amethyst      RESERVED      Blue Points Mine, near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.  An amethyst button measuring 4 x 3 x 2.1 cm.  One tip is healed (completely regrown surface in a stepped pattern).  Two micro dings are visible with magnification but not casual observation.  Two amethyst marble also come with this specimen.  $50







OKN-392       Quartz     Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.  Ex Dr. Steve Chamberlain collection.  5.5 x 4.5 x 3.3 cm group with large dark purple crystals.  One ding on backside of largest crystal.  Still a specimen worth having.  $20 








OKN-755      RESERVED      Amethyst     Blue Points Mine, near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.  Collected by Michael Walter in the early 1990s.  An "Amethyst Button" as they are referred to in the north.  4 x 3.3 x 1.3 cm.  Fully healed on backside...floater.  Typical slightly brown color due to hematite inclusions.  High luster, no damage.  These buttons are not common and this one is perfect.  $50











OKN- 334     Amethyst    Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.  Ex. Harold L. Dibble collection.  8.2 x 6.3 x 3 cm piece with great color and luster.  Several chipped crystals along top/back.  Good piece that to a really nice pic for Harold's book.  $70








Back with minor secondary quartz.


OKB-575   Amethyst     Blue Points Mine, Near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.  Oh my!  30 cm dome of clean hematite included amethyst crystals that I recovered and horded away in my collection for many years.  Have to part with this beauty now.  Seen below is a photo of its recovery from its home in an exceptional 10 foot long pocket.  Maybe longer...we never found the end of this huge vug!  Exceptional in all regards.  3,200$


Large amethyst dome fresh out of its home, covered with mud.  By far the best specimen of the trip!









OKB-254    Amethyst   Blue Points Mine, Pearl (Near Thunder Bay), Ontario.    3.5 x 3.5 cm plate of translucent purple crystals with hematite inclusions.  Points to over 2 cm of good luster.  This piece is crystallized on both sides.  Attractive form.   24$







OKB-255 Front and Back

OKB-255    Amethyst   Blue Points Mine, Pearl (Near Thunder Bay), Ontario.    4.5 x 3 cm plate of translucent purple crystals with hematite inclusions.  Points up to 2 cm of good luster and one having some chipping.  Attractive domed form.   22$






OKA-491 Amethyst Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Translucent purple crystals with hematite inclusions to 1 cm coat the surface of this 8 x 5 cm plate. This is another attractive self collected piece with an attractive price. 10$