Mineral Specimens For Sale From Iran




OKI-275      Cerussite    Chah Mileh, Anarak District, Iran.    Ex. Dr. Steve Chamberlain collection, prev. Marcelle Weber collection.  A magnificent TN specimen of clear/ white reticulated cerussite measuring 3 x 2.5 x 2.1 cm.  It is almost a floater with only a small basil contact area.  The specimen is damage free and one of the finest of the few I have seen available.  Certainly the finest TN specimen I have seen.  Very showy, high on luster and beautifully formed.  450$








OKF-354    Smithsonite   RESERVED   Anarak, Iran.  Ex. Anthony P. Dunn Collection.  Circ. 1975.   This beautiful smithsonite measures 9.2 cm in length and over 5 cm high.  It is from an extremely unusual location has a brilliant blue color which rivals the Kelly mine material.  Excellent luster and only one very small rub near the bottom edge of the specimen.  The piece stands nicely on edge into different positions.  Attractive and rare.  $400







OKJ-378     Wulfenite, Hemihedrite, Desclozite, Minium    Chah Mileh Mine, Anarak District, Nain Co., Esfahan Prov., Iran.  Ex. Dr. Steve Chamberlain collection.   Here is a rather unusual specimen.  Small orange wulfenites coat the entire front and back side and reach .6 cm on edge.  The mineral assemblage is attractive at all up high luster.  The piece is a thin plate, curbed in form measuring 5.2 x 3.4 x 1.8 cm overall.  Excellent condition showing no damage on front or back.  A superb and unique specimen.  $195


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