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                   Cobaltoan Smithsonite                                                 Tarnowitzite                                                            Smithsonite                                                                        Cuprian Smithsonite



                                                                                              Cerussite                                                           Mimetite                                                                         Dioptase


Mineral Specimens For Sale From the Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Otjikoto Region, Namibia, South West Africa

The Peter Bancroft book, Gem & Crystal Treasures is one of the most renowned writings on collectable mineral localities.  He notes the Tsumeb mine as follows:  "The greatest crystal producing mine on earth is located along a strip of low jagged hills bordering the Kaukau Veld... it is known as Tsumeb".  Since that publication numerous books and articles on this famous locality have been published.  Agreed by most to be the most important mineral producing locality on our planet, its mineral specimens are many, and many are the finest known.  Great examples of these fine crystals were brought out of the workings by native miners beginning in the late 1800's.  Now long closed, the fine examples of its great minerals remain among the most coveted of mineral specimens known. 


     Adamite                         Azurite             Brochantite   

    Calcite        Cerussite      Cuprite  


Dioptase        Dolomite       Malachite



Mimetite       Mottramite     Smithsonite   



Tarnowitzite       Willemite      Wulfenite



Other Tsumeb Minerals

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