Polished and Massive Stones For Sale



A calcite example which weighs about a kilo.


S-002   Blue Calcite    Harrisville, NY.  This is well compacted cutting rough from the Valentine Mine which is owned by Gouverneur Talc Company.  It is composed of interlocking grains of medium blue calcite.  Individual grains are between a few millimeters and a few centimeters in size.  Some minor graphite flakes in some pieces.  Fantastic material to work with.  Photos can not do this material justice.  Outstanding sphere material.  Shipped at exact postage cost.  Rock bottom price of $4.00 per pound ($2.50 per pound to dealers...wholesale)  





An unikite piece which weighs about 2 kilos.


S-003   Unikite   Harrisville, NY.  This material is also from the Valentine Mine.  Good mix of reds in green matrix.  Solid material that will not disappoint.  Shipped at exact postage cost. $4.00 per pound.  ($2.50 per pound to dealers...wholesale)