We Purchase Minerals and Mineral Collections!




Geologic Desires Needs…

We purchase mineral collections of all sizes.  We look for top Quality….we are only interested in acquiring high-quality mineral specimen collections. Classics…we are more interested in classic or historic specimens than contemporary materials.  We have great sources of our own for minerals recently mined.   Aesthetics… this means specimens with good overall form, color and above all, no, or very little, damage.  Provenance… minerals with history of ownership are always more valuable to us and our customers.

We are Especially interested in any New York State minerals.  These do not always need to apply to the guidelines noted above.  We are interested in ANY New York State minerals in any quantity or form.  New York State minerals are our bread and butter so come to us first with any new finds, field collected specimens or historic pieces.  We are also interested in large collections of thumbnail sized specimens.  These smaller specimens are often frowned upon by other dealers... not by us.

We are not interested in purchasing fossil, lapidary, or gemstone collections as these materials are are only a sideline for our business.  In general, they are outside our area of expertise. Take a few moments to look around our website. If you are ready to sell and your collection contains mineral specimens of the quality of those pictured on our website, please email us!

How We Purchase…

We purchase specimens by the piece or buy entire collections.   Generally, we purchase entire collections.

You Should Contact Us First…

bulletGeologic Desires has built a solid reputation for working fairly and honestly with individuals from whom we have purchased mineral collections.
bulletGeologic Desires is discreet. If you would prefer not to have your name associated with the collection as specimens are marketed and sold … no problem!
bulletGeologic Desires representatives will visit you or you can seek us out at mineral shows.  Please be aware, if we are busy at a show it limits our ability to leave to view your collection.   We can sometimes make arrangements for after hours visits. 
bulletGeologic Desires has purchased many entire private collections and business inventories.  These collections have ranges from several dozen to several tens of thousands of specimens.
bulletGeologic Desires has the financial wherewithal to handle the acquisition of large mineral collections.
bulletGeologic Desires rarely has interest in collections which have already been “high graded” or picked over by other collectors.  Please contact us first.
bulletGeologic Desires offers top dollar.  We don’t get into bidding wars with other dealers.  We just offer the best price first!


We Can Evaluate Your Collection…

We will start by asking you a few questions about your collection. This discussion may take place over the telephone or via email. Next, it is useful to have the collector send us digital images or photographs of the top pieces in the collection. This enables us to make a rapid decision as to whether we have an interest in scheduling an appointment with you to view your entire collection.  We will evaluate your collection quickly and get back to you promptly with an offer.  

Please be aware, Geologic Desires does mineral collection appraisals for insurance or donation purposes. If you need this service contact us... Need Appraisal Services?

Contacting Us…

If you have a high-quality mineral collection to sell ... please contact Michael Walter at mwalter9@twcny.rr.com or by phone at (315)323-7218.


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