Specimens For Sale From The Zinc Corp. of America and Related Mines:

Pierrepont, Talcville, Balmat, St. Lawrence County, New York



                       Faceted Calcite                                           Chalcopyrite on Calcite                                          Sphalerite on Quartz                                           Magnetite                                    Pyrite on Calcite Twin


This famous series of underground mines has produced some of New York's most aesthetic and diverse mineral specimens.  With the fluctuation of the price of zinc have come closings and reopenings of the operations in the Gouverneur area.  The West Pierrepont operation is noted for its spahalerite and pyrite balls.  It is permanently closed as the entire ore body has been mined out.  The Balmat mine are noted for a far greater diversity of minerals.  The newest owners as of this writing is Star Mountain Resources, Inc. (2015).

Probably the most important find for mineral collectors was the discovery of CUBIC magnetites in the Fowler ore body of the #4 mine, 1991-1992. They are the best of their kind (cubic) from anywhere in the world.  The only other previously known cubic magnetites were microscopic.  The cubic form is also accompanied by another rare magnetite form, tetrahexahedral.  Rare for this occurrence are modifications by octahedrons.  The crystals formed in a halite/talc vein that was an anomaly that had not previously, or since, been encountered.  These magnetites rank among the finest and most unique for their species from anywhere in the world.  We have been lucky to acquire specimens directly from miners who worked in the famous ore bodies, miner private collections, as well as fine example from collections we have purchased.  Some a few descriptions, of the many, written about this discovery.  There is also a book on these mines titled, The Collector's Guide to the Balmat Mining District, St. Lawrence County, New York by Chamberlain, et. al.

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